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Participation Packets

Athletics Participation Packet

All student-athletes must complete the athletics participation packet in order to be eligible for practice and competition during the 2019-2020 school year. Students cannot participate in any athletically related activities during a sport's official championship season without completing the participation packet. Included within the packet is the EL2 form which is the physical form that must be completed by a physician. The physical MUST be completed on the EL2 form that is provided by the FHSAA. Physicals completed on school health forms are NOT accepted as an athletics physical. There are also 3 documents within the packet that require notaries.

All forms within the packet must be completed in their entirety (every signature and date) in order to be eligible for participation in a tryout, practice, and competition. Click the link below to access the participation packet.

2019-2020 Athletics Packet

2019-2020 Spanish Athletics Packet

2019-2020 Creole Athletics Packet

Athletics Insurance

There is a $75 fee for all students who participate in sports for the 2019-2020 school year that covers supplemental insurance. A student trying out for a 9th grade, junior varsity, or a varsity team may pay $10 for supplemental tryout insurance, and if the student-athlete makes the team, they can pay the remaining $65 balance owed. Once the student participates in one practice after the tryout, the $75 fee is non refundable. Students may ONLY pay their athletics insurance via school cash online, which can be visited at NO OTHER FORM OF PAYMENT WILL BE ACCEPTED. Directions to sign-up for school cash online are below along with a link to access the athletics participation packet.


  • Visit the website
  • Follow the steps to register an account.
  • Once your username and password have been set, an email will be sent to verify your account.
  • Verify your account.
  • Once your account is verified, you may sign-in.
  • The following information will be submitted:
    • Type in the School Board name and select from the list - "School District of Palm Beach County"
    • Select School Name from the list - "Forest Hill High"
    • Enter Student Information - "Student Number and Last Name"
    • Select Confirm
    • Certify that the student information is correct and select continue
    • The student is now - "Successfully Added"
    • Next to the student's name will be a link to - "pay items"
    • Select - "pay items"
    • Select the appropriate insurance payment. ($10 tryout, $75 full, or $65 post-tryout)
    • Follow the steps to complete payment.
    • Present a printed receipt or screen shot of payment confirmation to your coach.

Mandatory FHSAA EL3 training for student athletes

The following courses must be completed by every student-athlete before he or she can participate in any athletically related activities during a championship season segment. Proof of completion must be presented to the student-athletes coach and submitted to the athletics director of the school.

1). Concussion in Sports Course

2). Sudden Cardiac Arrest Course

3). Heat Illness Prevention Course